Hampton Roads Security provides state-of-the-art hardware, software, and technologies to deliver integrated electronic access control systems for financial, banking, education, healthcare, government, retail, and other industrial, commercial and institutional customers.

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Hampton Roads Security designs, sells, installs and services and supports innovative access control systems that range from small to medium-sized PC-based solutions to web-based multi-site enterprise solutions.

Hampton Roads Security's card access systems can be integrated with biometric authentication for high-security environments: photo ID badging: time and attendance: CCTV: automatic gates: elevators: turnstiles and other systems, such as building management, CCTV, Security alarms, telephone entry and intercom systems. 

The benefits of an Hampton Roads Security access control and security management system include:


  • Provide secure access to a facility and a safer work environment
  • Manage people more effectively and increase operational efficiency
  • Restrict access to sensitive or controlled areas within a facility
  • Reduce theft of assets and deter violence and vandalism
  • Lock and unlock doors according to preset parameters
  • Provide access system audit reports
  • Provide photo identification of employees
  • Manage and track visitors to a facility
  • Reduce security manpower costs
  • Administer and control access remotely to multiple facilities through one interface
  • Avoid expensive re-keying when employees leave or when keys are lost, copied,or provided to unauthorized persons

As a systems integrator, Hampton Roads Security partners with the leading manufacturers to provide the following access control and security management system equipment and services:

  • Proximity (Prox) Readers and Cards
  • Mag Stripe (Swipe) Readers & Cards
  • Barcode Readers and Cards
  • Multi-Technology Readers and Cards
  • Long-Range Readers
  • LCD Keypad Readers
  • Biometric Hand Geometry Readers
  • Biometric Fingerprint Readers
  • Biometric Facial Recognition Readers
  • Biometric Retinal Scanners
  • Proximity (Prox) Keyfobs
  • Proximity (Prox) Key Tags
  • RFID Asset Tags
  • Photo ID Card Printers/Badging Systems
  • Access Server and Client Hardware
  • Access Management Software
  • Electromagnetic Door Locks
  • Electric Door Strikes
  • Door Controllers
  • Other Access Control Accessories
  • Access control installation
  • Access control firld service
  • Access control service contracts
  • Access control leases